Advantage Structured Fund

Portfolio Companies


Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Brightside Technologies Inc. (Succesfully Exited)

Contech Enterprises Inc.

Endurance Wind Power Inc.

In Motion Technology Inc.

Mobidia, Inc.

MSI Methylation Sciences, Inc.

Paradigm Environmental Technologies Inc.

Parasun Technologies Inc. (Succesfully Exited)

Recombo Inc.

Redlen Technologies Inc.

Sophiris Bio Inc. (TSX: SHS)

Venturi Ventures Inc.


Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel and targeted small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease. Aquinox's scientific founders discovered a unique biochemical enzyme called SH2-containing inositol 5'-phosphatase (known as SHIP), which can be harnessed in the treatment disorders such as multiple myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma, inflammation, allergy and autoimmune diseases.


Brightside Technologies Inc. was acquired by Dolby Laboratories in May 2007 for USD $28 million, Brightside developed High Dynamic Range image technology for the display of more vibrant pictures and video, primarily on mass-market LCD, front-projection and rear-projection television sets. BC Advantage Funds first invested in Brightside in 2004 and exited with the sale of the Company in 2007 for a 2.8X return multiple.


Contech Enterprises Inc. develops, manufactures,and markets innovative, environmentally-friendly products for the commercial forestry, agriculture, and animal husbandry markets, as well as the consumer pet and garden markets.


   Endurance Wind Power Inc. is a manufacturer of advanced wind turbines designed specifically for distributed wind power applications. The company’s line of modern, induction-based wind turbines, bring efficient, reliable, safe and quiet, renewable energy within reach of homeowners, businesses and institutions across North America, the United Kingdom and an expanding global market.


In Motion Technology Inc. develops and sells a proprietary mobile gateway, called oMG that performs seamless sensing, selection and handoff for all commercially available wireless networks (WiFi, WiMAX, 2G or 3G cellular, Bluetooth, GPS).

Mobidia, Inc. provides wireless operators with the ability to better control, manage, and monetize IP data traffic and offer their mobile subscribers innovative and compelling new services.

MSI Methylation Sciences, Inc. is a life science company, focused on reformulating and developing a widely used nutraceutical, with proven safety and efficacy in humans, as a new pharmaceutical for the treatment of depression. MSI is led by an experienced management team including Barry Guld and Nancy Harrison.


Paradigm Environmental Technologies Inc. is the developer of MicroSludge™, a sludge disintegration system that vastly improves the performance of anaerobic digesters for secondary wastewater treatment plants of all sizes.


Parasun Technolgies Inc. was acquired in May 2007 for $12,500,000 by Uniserve Communications. Parasun continues to operate under its name where it provides industry-leading Broadband provisioning and management and support solutions for small and mid-tier network operators. BC Advantage Funds invested in Parasun in 2004 and exited with the sale of the Company for a 4.7X return multiple.


Recombo Inc. is a leading provider of digital onboarding services industry.  Recombo's Agreement Express SaaS software enables rapid and compliant customer onboarding. 


Redlen Technologies Inc. manufactures semiconductor compounds (Cadmium Telluride and Cadmium Zinc Telluride), as well as integrated radiation detectors using these compounds. These products are used in a wide variety of industries including nuclear medical imaging, homeland security and thin-film solar.


Sophiris Bio Inc. (TSX:SHS) is a Canadian urology company developing a late-stage, highly targeted treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate.  It's drug, PRX302, also has potential as a treatment for prostate cancer.